the goals

“I wanna run races.  I wanna do a triathlon.  I’d like to bike a century.  I am the least athletic person you’ll ever meet. I have no skills whatsoever, but regardless of my lack of athletic ability, I can still be fit enough to run, bike, and swim. I want my HbA1c test to be < 6 forever (this is a diabetes related goal). I want to be able to get dressed and not have to figure out what bottom and top combo doesn’t produce a muffin top. I want to proudly wear a bikini.” – Casey
“I would like to not depend on Diet Coke. I love it but I want to love it moderately. No blubber poking through my clothes. I want to be fit. I want to be able to walk comfortably the day after a spontaneous kick ball game. Bikini season… I want to enjoy it (in a bikini).” – Savannah
During this weightloss journey, we will refrain from buying any clothing that is not workout related. Of course, we will use our discretion on the sale items at Urban Outfitters. Obviously this is because we do not want to add to the clothes that, in the end, will be too big. This will allow for us to reward ourselves when we start meeting some of our goals. We will set new goals as we see fit.
Weight Watchers builds in a 10% goal for your weightloss journey. Meaning- Our first goal is to lose (on Weight Watchers) 10% of what we weigh right now. We have decided to reward ourselves for the first ten pounds we lose and every time we meet a new 10% goal.
1st 10 pounds- 1 makeup product from Sephora
1st 10% Goal- A Juicer!
2nd 10% Goal- Weekend Vacation
3rd 10% Goal- TBD
Final Goal- TBD
We also decided to reward ourselves based on our workouts. We will rewards ourselves after we meet each of our workout goals. The goals that are set are just the number of workouts we have done that have lasted at least 30 minutes.
15 workouts – Manicure (professional)
35 workouts – New Workout Outfit
60 workouts – New Tennis Shoes
90 workouts – TBD
THE ULTIMATE REWARD- SHOPPING SPREE!! So maybe it won’t be much of a spree but hopefully we will have saved some money to buy some new clothes (specifically jeans) that will fit.