the story

We are Savannah and Casey- welcome to our blog! Here we will track our weightloss journey and share with you any tips, tricks and trials we find along the way. Here is our story…
We were both were fed up of being overweight. Being roommates provides many opportunities to share in whining about clothes not fitting and hating what we see in the mirror. We recognized that we were becoming examples of “real women” bloggers, and while that my sound nice, we don’t particularly like that title.  First of all, we do not want to be an example of women who are happy with their bodies, because well, we aren’t. Sure we do outfit posts and put pictures of ourselves out there, but that doesn’t mean we like what we see. Second of all, to say that you have to be “curvy” or “thick” to be a real women is insulting. We do not dream to be supermodel thin. We get the idea behind the term “real women” but being thin and healthy does not make someone less of a woman. For us, it’s not JUST about losing weight. It’s about honoring the fully functional bodies that we were both blessed with.

So we decided once and for all to quit complaining and start doing. We’ve been happy with the growing success of our other blog, so we thought starting a blog detailing our journey to a healthier lifestyle would be a great way to help others and hold ourselves accountable. We decided to join Weight Watchers online and start exercising regularly. We will start training for a 5k (we’ve never run a 5k before).

Update: We ran our first 5k (we ran the whole thing!!!) on August 11, 2012.  Yay!

“I have struggled with my weight my entire adult life, and it has gone up and down over the years.  I’ve done several different eating plans, and I’ve had a few personal trainers over the years.  I’ve walked. Ran. Swam. Bicycled. Weight trained. I’ve done the low carb diet. Vegan diet. Counted calories. Tracked points. I’ve tried it all. I have wished to be thin for years, but now is the time for me to want to be thin. Wishing is waiting for magic to happening, but wanting is taking the necessary and hard steps towards reaching my goal. I have Type 1 diabetes (diagnosed in 1990), so being active and eating healthy foods is so crucial.  I have no complications from having diabetes, and I want to keep it that way. Having this blog terrifies me. I am hoping that laying all my business out there will help keep me accountable.” Casey

“I have been a “thick” person pretty much all of my life. Sometimes, although I can’t remember when, I became comfortable with this term. Childhood isn’t really the time when you understand criticism so you just accept it. And accept it- I did, for my whole life. As an adult, I tried many different times to change how I ate and what I ate and in the end, I was always ended up here- bigger than I want/need to be. Now, I’m more ready than ever to change my body for good because even though people may say I look fine the way I am, I know that this isn’t the way my body was meant to be.” -Savannah